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Le Smart Cake

Have you heard about yet? I was lucky to meet Luciana at an event a few months ago where she had made a big Smart Cake

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After having experienced Iceland, I have just wanted to keep on discovering Northern countries.  Helsinki is actually a fantastic short-break destination and especially over the

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Homemade Granola

Granola is so addictive in general but wait until you taste my two versions below! Sweet, fruity, chocolatey, salty – it is so MOREISH! You

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24 Hours in Lyon

Lyon is a city in east-central France in the region Rhône-Alpes, situated between Paris and Marseille. Lyon is a major centre of business with a

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Mezzes with Miriel

Cet été, évadez-vous en Grèce sans quitter votre cuisine… J’ai eu l’occasion récemment de découvrir une classe de cuisine grecque à l’extérieur de Lausanne avec

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A precious “Pearl” in Lausanne

Comme tous les weekends, nous nous posions la même question? Où est-ce que nous allions manger ce samedi soir? Avec une amie, nous avions décidé que nous allions essayer un nouveau restaurant à chaque fois pour varier un peu notre diète. J’ai fait quelques recherches sur La Fourchette et finalement j’ai décidé de réserver Pearl. […]

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I like to focus on healthy eating as it is an important aspect of my life but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a gooey chocolatey dessert or a huge bowl of creamy ice cream. The recipes below are either from my own creations or adapted to suit my taste!