12th April 2019

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

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Do you love cauliflower too? This recipe is super simple and super delicious! Don’t let the word soup fool you into thinking that it isn’t filling. I really love the creamy and smooth textured of this roasted cauliflower soup and I hope that you do too! Ingredients 1 Cauliflower head (cut up into florets) 1 …

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31st July 2018

Burrata topped with pesto and BeGourmet pesto Popcorn Platter

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This Burrata topped with pesto and pesto BeGourmet Popcorn Platter literally came out of nowhere. I had two friends coming round sort of last minute and one of them is vegetarian. I wanted to create a fresh Summer inspired dish but also pack it full of flavour plus I had a burrata in the fridge …

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3rd July 2018

Oliviers & Co – Gazpacho

Oliviers & Co, Lausanne: Oliviers & Co was founded in 1996 in Provence, France. The idea behind this concept is to highlight the fact that olive oils can be worthy of being recognised as Grand Cru and this is how it all started. Ever since, the brand has developed worldwide all while maintaining the quality …

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30th June 2018

Vine Leaves

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I highly recommend Miriel’s recipe for these stuffed vine leaves. I never really tasted fresh homemade ones and I can honestly say, they do not compare to the ones from the supermarkets. These were AMAZING!! The only issue is that they take a bit more time to make (unless there are 2-3 of you helping …

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