A precious “Pearl” in Lausanne

A friend of mine and I decided a few months ago that whenever we meet up that we would try a different restaurant to add some variety to our restaurant diet.

I was browsing through The Fork and finally after some time, opted to book the Pearl. No official website but the good reviews on their Facebook page were enough to convince me to try it.

Like many people in Lausanne, in spite of having walked this street countless times, I never thought a little restaurant would be hiding behind Rue du Grand-Chêne 4.


As I walked through the door, I knew I had made a good choice for tonight’s meal. Lovely decorations, nice view (I really love seeing Lausanne from different angles) and a really warm welcome. We were shown to our table and were given the concise menu  to look at (great for an indecisive person like myself!) Once seated, we were brought over our drinks and a little olive mousse as an appetiser (very delicious).



Between us, we ordered two mains,  I selected the filet of red scorpion fish as this was new to me and my friend, the vegetarian dish,  an asparagus risotto. Both arrived very well presented and full of flavour.  (Just be aware that the portions are not huge and if you are very hungry, I recommend getting a starter as well.)

Scorpion fish

We hesitated a long time over the dessert and finally  choose the Pineapple crumble and the Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie to share.

We found the pineapple crumble accompanied with a raspberry sorbet to be slightly too sweet and would have liked a contrast in flavours to balance it out. The lemon meringue dish, however, was very enjoyable! Sweet, a little touch of acidity and crunch from the meringue and biscuits. Perfect in texture and flavour.

Deconstructed lemon meringue pie
Pineapple crumble

A meal like this deserved to be paired with a Swiss wine, we selected a half bottle of Savagnin Nicolas Zuffrey, 2015, Valai. Fruity and went very well with our meal.

I highly, highly, highly recommend you go check this restaurant out. I doubt that you will be disappointed. Book your table here!

Bon app,

Sara  xx

Sara Dubler

Sara Dubler

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