Riviera Street Food Festival

A few weeks ago, at the end of May, I attended the first event of the Street Food Festival 2017, in Vevey. Over 400 metres of various food vendors, local artisans, high class chefs were stretched out right on the lake front for all of us to enjoy. A long series of picnic tables and benches were set up  under multicolour pennant banners where we could sit down and share our delicious finds with one another.
It was a little touch and go whether the weather was going to hold up for the first evening, but as always, the event was able to take place under a bright blue sky.
As you approached the festival, you could feel the buzz in the atmosphere and the various cuisines filled the air with wonderful aromas. There was everything from your classic burger to your high end Michelin star chefs, the combination of these two worlds was perfectly executed.
The street food vendors were setup in their colourful vans of all shapes and sizes and in between there were artisans selling local products, the top restaurants in the area such as the Hotel du Lac and l’Hotel des Trois Couronnes also set up tents and prepared  incredible gourmet burgers amongst other tasty treats!
The choices were endless and unfortunately for me, I couldn’t physically eat everything in one evening.
Here is a list of what I had and if you go to the following Street Food Festival this Summer, then keep your eyes opened for these vendors:

Be Popcorn

I love popcorn, sweet, savoury, spicy, sweet and savoury! You name it and I have probably tried it. However, Be Popcorn had a great selection of products which I hadn’t tried before: Gruyère & black pepper, “crazy salt” & herbs, curry & lemon, chocolate & lime, chia & raspberries and dark chocolate & coffee. I must admit picking a bag was difficult – I ended up going for the chocolate & lime – simply DELICIOUS!

The Gentleman Lobster

Lobster rolls? How could I say no? They weren’t exactly like the ones I had in Boston but at the same time we are in Switzerland, surrounded by land and to my knowledge, we don’t have lobsters in our lake !!  These guys did a great job – loved it. I was told the beef & lobster roll is definitely worth a try. Maybe next time.


The Goodlife Coffee

These guys set up a roastery in Moudon just last year and their coffee is simply delicious! I highly recommend their Nitro coffee which is refreshing and will give you that caffeine boost you are looking for!

Le Smart Cake

This lovely lady makes the tastiest health cakes! She uses linseed, oats, coconut oil, almond milk,quino and chia seeds as the base and then adds other ingredients to create wonderful flavours such as – Mocaccino, chocolate, orange, banana & coconut, apple & cinnamon etc
I truly love her products and would highly recommend you try them! Even if you aren’t an avid supporter of all things healthy, these cakes may surprise you.

Le Pie

Pies are definitely not my favourite food however, I couldn’t resist trying out the mini pies !! Three little bite-sized pies: Lean Pork n Chorizo, Tender Beef n Dr Gab’s Ale and Spinach n Feta. My favourite was the chorizo, very tasty.
So don’t be shy and try Le Pie!


Fetscher’s Flamm-Lachs

I loved this food vendor. The salmon was simply delicious! Light, flaky with a hint of smoke. It was cooked to perfection and I would eat this over and over again. Definitely a must-have if you see them at any other festival!

The bars also stocked a great selection of alcohols and soft drinks!
I thoroughly enjoyed my Aperol Spritz and my Hendricks Gin & Tonic.
Overall, I found that the collection of vendors was really varied, the quality of food in general was fantastic and the atmosphere was really laidback. I had a great experience!

Sara Dubler

Sara Dubler

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2 thoughts on “Riviera Street Food Festival”

  1. J’y étais aussi avec mon ami. Il y avait tellement de choix. Je vois que tu as mangé les pop corn les plus cool qui soie.
    As-tu fait la street food de lausanne ?

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