Montreux Palace Bar & Grill

This Summer, I was invited to discover the Montreux Palace Bar & Grill. This restaurant, is located on the first floor of the Montreux Palace and many people aren’t even aware that this little gem exists. Trust me, you are missing out!

The Restaurant

I really like the interior decor of this restablishment, the emerald green really pops against the wood and gold trims. It also adds that touch of freshness to the room and I absolutely love the layout of the bar as you walk through the doors.

Pick the right table and you will be able to see the lake and mountains through the tall glass windows. In the Summer, there is also a little terrace available.

The Meal

Drinks & Starters

When we were given the menu, it was very difficult to make a decision on what to select as everything sounded delicious ! MENU AVAILABLE HERE!

We started with Cucumber Cooler cocktail and another gin based one. Both of these drinks were very refreshing and I would highly recommend them, especially if you are a little bit of a gin lover like me !

Montreux Palace Bar & Grill

Alongside these cocktails they gave us an ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD !! The bread was paired with two different types of butter and this was just dangerous for me as I do love fresh crusty bread and flavoured butter. I mean look at that bread.

Our Starters

Montreux Palace Bar & Grill
Octopus, 30.- Mediterranean style roasted octopus Tomatoes and grilled avocado
Sea bream ceviche, 26.- Guacamole with lime, red tobiko and squid ink crisp

All these dishes were visually stunning and they were presented exactly the way I love receiving my food: bright and colourful. In terms of flavor, I really appreciated the chirashi sushi, I found the fish to be very delicate and the ponzu sauce, gave it the little punch it needed to elevate the dish as a whole. My partner, Morgan, really found the
octopus to be on point ! In fact, whenever I have had the octopus at the Bar & Grill, it has always been cooked to perfection.

Montreux Palace Bar & Grill

The Mains

Montreux Palace Bar & Grill
Pata negra «Bellota» pork, 48.- Iberian pork rib, chimichurri sauce, roasted panisse Ricotta and cured ham from the Valais stuffed vegetables

Moving onto the mains, I opted for the plate of gambas and Morgan went for the pork with the chimichurri sauce. Well let me tell you, that sauce was just made perfectly ! It was extremely more-ish. I would have happily sat there with a spoon and eaten it on its own. The meat was very well seasoned and cooked too which is also vital, especially when you are a Grill restaurant.

Montreux Palace Bar & Grill
Gambas, 50.- Whole snacked gambas with spiced mango Chutney

I was not really looking for meat that evening, which is why I opted for some more seafood. I selected the grilled gambas, which were just the ideal follow up to the starters. The gambas were HUGE and had that delicious bbq grilled flavour. However, I didn’t expect the mango chutney to look like this, it was more of a sauce than an actual chutney but the mango flavour was delicious nonetheless. I wouldn’t say this dish is the best value for money, especially if you are hungry but for me it was perfect that evening.

Morgan’s dish, won that round in terms of flavour, all the elements on his plate just paired together really nicely. Unfortunately, we just did not have any space for dessert!

Overall Experience

Montreux Palace Bar & Grill

I just want to thank the Montreux Palace for this wonderful invitiation. I find that the Montreux Palace Bar & Grill serves tasty and very attractive dishes. The drinks are the most expensive items on the menu but they are in around the same cost as most luxury hotels. I highly recommend you book at table and go for the seafood dishes as a starter followed by a cut of meat from the buther on the grill section.

For more information please go to:

Hours of Operation

Restaurant: Monday to Saturday from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Bar: Monday to Saturday from 5 pm to 12 am

Dress Code

Casual chic


Reservation is advised. Please call us on +41 21 962 1900 or contact us per email

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