Black Elderberry, Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail

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Located at 1350m altitude, you can find the Jardin des Monts which is only accessible by foot. The garden is located behind my house in Rossinière. The Jardin des Monts harvests all the plants by hand and provides the utmost attention to each flower and herb, in order to create high-quality products. I love the smell of their candles! I had the pleasure of being able to taste the elderberry syrup. 

Jardin des Monts – Rossinière – Black elderberry syrup

After a beautiful harvest this year, Le Jardin des Monts has finally reproduced this delicious black elderberry syrup. I find this syrup soft and flowery but remains quite delicate in its taste. I decided to make a small cocktail without alcohol that is flowery, fruity, refreshing and very delicious!

Did you know?

Elderberry brings many benefits, especially in this season of influenza because it promotes the elimination of toxins in colds accompanied by fever and sputum in case of bronchitis.

I made a little syrup-based mocktail with grapefruit, rosemary and all kinds of good things


• 1/2 fresh grapefruit juice per person
• 1 tablespoon Jardin des Monts elderberry syrup black
• Ice cubes
• 1/2 bottle of Schweppes tonic 0%
• 50 MLS of gin (optional)
• Slice of lime
• A sprig rosemary per glass


1. Put the elderberry syrup in the bottom of a glass
2. Then add the grapefruit juice
3. Stack the ice cubes
4. Add the gin to make a cocktail, if you wish 
5. Pour over the tonic water 
6. Place the lime slice on the edge of the glass as in the picture and finish by placing a rosemary sprig in the glass.

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PROMO CODE: 2018SAR10 – CHF 10 saved on every CHF 50 spent

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