Pure Indulgence with Jérémy Ramsauer’s Decadent Chocolate

Mother’s Day and Easter are just around the corner and there is no better way than to celebrate but with a box of melt in your mouth, delicious chocolates by Mr. Jérémy Ramsauer. They are like little mouthfuls of heaven !

Jérémy Chocolate

Who is Jérémy Ramsauer ?

I met Jérémy one afternoon in Montreux after he contacted me on Instagram. I met him at the Fairmont Montreux Palace (one of the locations where you may find his chocolates) over a coffee and he began to talk to me about his passion for chocolate. It was evident from the start how much he loves what he does and it was extremely interesting to listen to his story.

Since 2007, Jérémy Ramsauer has been running the very successful La Chocolaterie in Sierre. He also delivers his delicious products to some of the finest hotels in Switzerland. I would describe him as the real life version of Willy Wonka; creative, innovative and passionate!

He has been refining and improving, testing new flavour combinations constantly and that is what makes his chocolates so unique.

His Chocolates

Jérémy really focuses on the quality of his raw ingredients and as we all know, there are many social and environmental issues linked with the production of cocoa beans.

Jérémy is very concious of where he gets his raw materials from and this is why he works with Choba Choba, a company that was founded about 8 years ago by Eric and Christoph who met the cacao farmers of the Alto Huayabamba Valley through their previous jobs in the fair trade chocolate industry. They run a chocolate brand in which farmers no longer are mere raw material suppliers. Instead, they have a direct stake in the company and its success.

Jérémy also likes to use raw cane sugar and not refined white sugar as well as cocoa butter and not palm oil as you may find in some bigger chocolate brands.

The Taste Test

Jérémy had easily sold me the products but now the tasting had to begin. He had told me that everything except the box of truffles could be stored for longer. The truffles do not contain any preservatives so I needed to eat them in the week that followed.

Personalised Boxes

chocolate jérémy

I was very impressed when I saw the personalised “A Hungry Blonde” chocolate. Plus it was in a pink box, he said it was his wife’s decision, she clearly had checked out my account before she made that decision. I found this to be an absolutely lovely touch and a great idea to surprise family and friends.

You can get other made to order chocolate boxes, or various chocolate art for special occasions or events.


chocolate jérémy

The truffles were just out of this World, the colours and the flavours in every mouthful were truly present and blended stunningly well. It had been a while since I had enjoyed truffles of such high quality.

Chocolate Bars

chocolate jérémy

I absolutely ADORED the bar of chocolate with maldon salt which he went to go and find in Essex, England. He has a special collection of sea salt chocolate bars, with salt carefully selected from various locations. It is honestly to die for !!!

chocolate jérémy

Chocolate Covered Almonds

This is an ultimate favourite of mine. His caramelised almonds, coated with 38% Criolait and sprinkled with cocoa are impossible to put down and they did not last long.

Overall, I really recommend his products and if you happen to be in Sierre, then you can also stop by his tearoom. I only wish La Chocolaterie was located closer to Montreux !

For more information please go to: http://www.chocolaterie-suisse.com

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