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Below is a list of all clippings where A Hungry Blonde has been featured as well as a list of Awards. 

FEMINA – October 2019 – Comment préparer son propre «Pumpkin Spice Latte» façon healthy

A Bon Entendeur – March 2019 – Episode on avocados

RTS – Sunday News – Story on Batch Cooking

Fémina Digital – Batch Cooking

Interview with Ellen for her article on Batch Cooking 
October 2018

HBC Health Blog Award for Best European Blog 2018

Les Toiles Studio – Digital Magazine Geneva

Interview - Digital Magazine
Interview with Les Toiles Studio – September 2018

20 Minutes 

Cook vs Chef – September 2018

20 Minutes

Body Positivity Campaign August 2018

Femina – Digial

Body Positivity Campaign August 2018

Friday Magazine – Digital

Body Positivity Campaign August 2018


Interview April 2018

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